Membership is open to all bishops and priests who:

  • believe that the churches of the Anglican Communion are part of the one holy, Catholic and apostolic Church;
  • are in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury;

  • use and practice the seven sacraments of the Church;

  • believe in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist;

  • keep the rule of life of the Society;

  • believe that, as a witness to the universal nature of the priesthood of Christ, the church should ordain to serve as deacons, priests and bishops in the church of God all those who are called by God to such offices regardless of ethnicity, gender, disability or sexual orientation.

Deacons are welcome to join as associate members and to participate fully in the activities of the Society. Isolated or housebound priests are encouraged to maintain a link with their nearest Chapter.

Ordinands are encouraged to join the Dearmer Society and join in the activities of their local SCP Chapter.

New members are most welcome. Come along to some of our functions and see what the Society has to offer you. You can download a brochure about the Society and an application form for membership through the links on the left side bar.